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Project Description

Spindle motor repair naturally compliments servo repair. Spindle motors use servo technology to run closed loop. All considerations for servos apply to spindles, in some respects spindle motor repair can be even more intricate. Spindles endure an intense evaluation specifically tailored to their characteristics. We obtain a comprehensive understanding of the spindle motor’s condition not only to fix what is broken, but also to fine tune the motor for optimum performance. It is our goal to retrofit, repair, or re-manufacture your spindle motor back to “Like New” condition.

Proper spindle motor repair requires specialized knowledge, skills and tooling. It is important for any company that repairs spindle motors to have precision measuring devices to check mechanical tolerances, balance, and feedback signal integrity. Servotech has built relationships with many manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Fagor, and Fanuc. These relationships have allowed us to build a vast library of documentation, which we utilize to verify the quality of our repairs.


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