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Project Description

If you are the dealer of spindle motor for IBAG, Alfred Jäger, Sycotec,Hitech, HSD etc. Now you have one more choice to dealer now .

DECI has obtained the same level of capacity for high frequency spindle motor technology with europe,japan,and american. And it devotes itself to being a chinese brand in top of world class.

Powerful and complete process equipment,ensure the precision and consistency of parts

DECI selects world-class components and introduce the world’s leading production equipment to achieve perfect precision in our production process,and high precision and stability in our products.

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Easy to Start

With the ready clients group, if you provided same quality spindle motor but only 1/3 or 1/2 of the price.

Clients will be easy to switch to DECI brand

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Better Profit

DECI higher profit than you dealer with other brand .

And we will return you 5% of total sales for your marketing fee if the sales amount come to a certain number

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Less or 0 Investment

NO need to invest or less investment then you can start your own business.

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Strong Support

DECI is your strong support for all kinds of questions from end users.

We can train you free

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Marketing Protect

As you work in this business,we will protect your sole agent rights in your country .

We can authorize you 2 years to grown BIG

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Turn key solution

DECI provided all the esential files and photoes and videos even website for you to start

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