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Project Description

We developed the Creation Station for makers like you – like us. Our goal was simple: create a high performance, high quality CNC machine that the average person could afford. As a full function, 3-axis CNC machine, the Creation Station can cut whatever shape you can dream up.

The Creation Station comes as an easy-to-assemble kit that can be put together in a few hours. Only simple hand tools are needed. Labeled parts and detailed instructions (including video instructions) are provided.

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Competitive Price

DECI spindle motor is the most competitive ATC spindle motor in the world

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Strong Support

DECI is your strong support for all kinds of questions from end users.

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Customized Solution

DECI provided customized solution for you to grain the special cnc machines market

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0 Risk

If the spindle not work well with your machines, we accept 1o0% refund policy.

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