How to choose a cnc spindle motor

//How to choose a cnc spindle motor

How to choose a cnc spindle motor

The spindle is a new technology, featuring light weight, compact structure, and low vibration. As the most critical part of the CNC machine tool, the electric spindle largely determines the efficiency and machining accuracy of the entire high-speed machine tool. However, due to the diversification of the products of the electric spindle, how to select the electric spindle is very important. So how do you choose?

There are two characteristics of electric spindle: constant torque and constant power. The constant torque is less expensive; the spindle of the engraving machine adopts a constant torque. Types are air-cooled and water-cooled, and air-cooled are mainly small-power spindles with several hundred watts in the early days. Now, the engraving machines are basically water-cooled electric spindles; the power is low and noise is small.

Lubrication methods include oil mist and grease. High-speed electric spindles of over 24,000 rpm use oil mist, which is complicated to install and install by specialized oil pipelines. Engraving machines are mostly grease-lubricated, and the rotation speed can be around 6,000-24,000 rpm.

Supporting methods include 2 bearings, 3 bearings, and 4 bearings. Bearings are suitable for heavy loads such as steel engraving. Spindles with more than 1.5 kW are used. Generally, soft metal is used with 2 bearing bearings. The main shaft core frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. At present, most of the spindle core frames use aluminum alloy, which is light in weight but large in size. Now there are some new products that use stainless steel welding core frames, which can reduce the spindle size at the same power and are more suitable The engraving machine is used, but it is expensive.

The inverter power is selected to be larger than the spindle power, so that the spindle output power can be fully utilized. So you know how to choose?

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