ATC Spindle Motor

//ATC Spindle Motor

ATC Spindle Motor

ATC spindle motor is the short name Automatic tools change spindle motor , some call it ATC spindle .  It’s design to meet the high speed and complex machining requirements .  When a cnc machine or cnc router equipped with the ATC spindle motor  it can enhance 3-5 times efficiency .

The automatic tool change system is a device that realizes the tool change requirements for continuous machining . The automatic tool change system consists of a tool magazine and a tool changer system. Among them, the most widely adapted automatic tool change system mainly has three types:

The tool magazine can be vertical or horizontal.

The working principle of the ATC spindle motor:

The types of CNC machining centers are different, but the process of changing tools is the same. When the automatic tool changer receives the tool change command, the spindle stops rotating immediately and stops at the tool change position, loosening the knife; the new tool moves with the tool magazine to the tool change position, loosening the knife; the two-arm manipulator will new and old tools The same is grabbed, after the tool changer is turned into position, the new and old two knives are respectively rotated on the spindle and the empty position of the tool magazine; the spindle is clamped and returned to the * initial machining position to complete the tool change process.

When the machining center changes the tool, the movement of the tool consists of four parts; the tool stops with the spindle and moves to the tool change position, the tool moves in the tool magazine, the tool moves with the tool changer and the tool returns to the machining position with the spindle. Movement, etc., in which the tool moves with the chain in the chain magazine as the transfer pair, and the movement of the tool with the spindle is the moving pair. The transfer motion of the tool changer includes the rotary pair and the moving pair. The tool changer of the tool changer is completed in the following five stages: the grab stage, the pull stage, the change stage, the insert stage and the stage. These actions are separately performed by the following movement pairs; the two rack split rolls and the cylinder block form a moving pair; the two racks are separately combined with the two gear shafts to form a gear pair; the two gear shafts respectively form a rotating pair with the cylinder block; The mechanical arm and the two gear shafts respectively form a moving pair, and move back and forth to complete the pulling and inserting motion.

Refer to ATC spindle motor, they usually have the following functions :

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